Do we have a choice? Do we have a free choice?

Do we have a choice? Do we have a free choice?

 In my opinion it takes courage/bravery to choose morally despite the challenges.

 Some people are hero and forever legacy. They even risked their lives for the sake of saving others.

 As Viktor Frankl said: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

“Freedom is in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of responsibleness.”

Since responsibility is how you chose to respond, (you chose your attitude):

So, yes you have a free choice!

So, yes chose responsibly!

Naomi Bareket

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Why rich friends loved to come to my childhood home?

My friend’s mom met me at a kfar ha-maccabia (sport club) years ago and told me how her daughter told her growing up that she loved to go to Naomi’s home because it was always a happy house.

Childhood friends keep reminding me of joyful time spent at my childhood home.

Although we grew up 8 kids in a small apartment of 2 bedrooms,(boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms), our friends were always at our home, even slept over.

Sometimes we might forget what we want the most. People get confused between the means and ends.

Many people think, if I only had more money I’d be happier, but apparently it doesn’t work that way.

This is just one of a belief that you were programmed to believe. And then you are stressed out to achieve your next purchase of tangible things. But if you look at the stressed time that many don’t enjoy, that might cost your health and relationship. Was it worth it?If you enjoy the process with enthusiasm (=with G-d in Greek) and you...

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How to Enhance Growth and Development?

When my brother Itiel of Blessed Memory passed away, I could have been really angry,

but what good would that bring to my life? In any moment we have a choice of how to respond.

How you RESPOND is like being RESPONsible.
You are responsible for handling and figuring out ways to deal with what you are facing.

Since we all live temporarily on this earth, why not to do our best to live a meaningful life and fulfill our mission?!
People might judge you for choosing to live purposefully, despite what you have been through. They might expect you to stay sad, angry, and numb forever because how could you ever overcome such trauma?
Being numb doesn’t help you and definitely doesn’t help the world.

When you follow your vision with the correspondent actions, screening out the external and internal voices that try to keep you down, and instead listen to your true self, realizing that a bigger unique mission awaits for you to accomplish, that is when you feel fulfillment and...

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How the Book Relates to My Personal Life?

We came into this world to serve others. The world couldn’t exist without you. That’s why you were born. We are all in the same boat.

Feeling guilty takes us nowhere. It is one thing to be aware of yourself and learn from your mistakes, to be sorry, to work on your behaviors, and to set a new intention for yourself, but feeling guilty will keep you in victim mode.
People are often trapped with this idea that they must always impress others. They feel guilty for following their dreams because they are concerned with what others would think of them. They are worried about the judgment they may receive from others.
As a parent, spouse, daughter/son, sibling, friend, entrepreneur, you have many roles and you have your own priorities and value hierarchy.
Your family or surroundings might have different value hierarchy than you do and that is OK. We are meant to be different and unique, every single one of us. We each have a different mission/purpose and journey on this earth....

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Searching For Myself

I was sitting with my friends, and one of them asked me what am I doing these days? And I answered: “I’m searching for myself.” He answered me: “Don’t we all?!”

You might do many things, but still feel emptiness deep inside yourself, as if your soul isn’t at peace.
Sometimes in life we find ourselves completely numb and stuck. There might be deeper reasons for such feelings, like fear or inner conflicts. It’s important to see deep inside yourself and release what holds you back from being the best you. Awareness is the first step into finding yourself.
Maybe deep inside we have something special to share, but we are unaware of it, or we don’t know what to do with it. We might live our lives in automate, without feeling the real meaning, and we feel empty inside.
When a person feels blessed instead of emptiness it allows them to treasure important moments in their life and lets them live a more meaningful life. They can show their...

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What inspired me to write the book?

As a child, I never imagined that I would be a published author.

I always admired books though, especially self-help books. And, when I would verbally speak with people, I would always encourage and help them see the light they had within themselves.

The universe presents you with opportunities, inspiration, and hints for directions. I was incredibly inspired and had to share it with others. I couldn’t keep it selfishly to myself.

When I gave a workshop about my book at Barns & Noble, it felt good being announced as author Naomi Bareket. It felt as if my hidden dreams were coming true as Barns & Noble had always been my favorite place. More than anything, I’m most excited to inspire others with tools that are easy to apply to their lives.

My book allows readers to take their time, reflecting within oneself, without other people’s voices distracting them.

Millions of people are not aware that there’s hope. Some don’t even have access to the...

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My Inspiration


I remember being in Manhattan, meeting with jewelry buyers that purchase for huge chains like TJMaxx, Shop NBC, QVC and many more. At that time, it felt like I had it all. I was in charge of marketing for Bareket Design Jewelry, had the opportunity to explore the big world, had a career, a great family, a spouse, kids, friends, country club....

Yet after a while, I felt burnt out. I felt numb deep inside. I wanted to stay in bed. I felt numbness as if my soul was searching for something new, something else. I felt emptiness inside. I felt like I didn’t have any energy. I felt stuck.

I felt this way until I went through a breakthrough process and I came back into alignment with my true self. The epiphany was so exciting, I felt as if I claimed my life back. My energy levels were back up and I was determined that I wanted to help as many people as possible heal their spirit and soul too. I began to give training sessions to people who also wanted to help others, doing the...

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What are Your Limiting Beliefs?

I gave a presentation earlier in the week about personal empowerment.

As I was showing the group a tool I use called the Achievement Pyramid, it brought to mind how deeply embedded our limiting beliefs can be and how damaging they can be to our progress and achieving the lives we know we deserve.

Limiting beliefs are something I cover in my new book, “The Deep See”. Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Sometimes our past experiences that we allow to limit us in the present or future keep us from being the best we can be. These experiences might be attached to negative emotions we felt or to something we interpreted incorrectly. As an example, maybe we were singing when our parents wanted to focus on something else and therefore told us to “hush up.” But instead of recognizing our parents had other concerns at the time, we concluded that we sang terribly, did something stupid or weren’t important to them. Then we carry this misconception or limiting...

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Are you really seeing what you think you're seeing?

Have you ever been with someone when you are both seeing the same event, yet come away with two completely different interpretations of what you just saw? Debates are a common example when both sides’ supporters watch the same argument and both claim victory and that the other side is misinformed. Debates aren’t the only time this occurs, though.

In my upcoming book, “The Deep See”, I talk about a picture I often use in my classes to help students see how different their perspectives can be. In the picture, a cat is looking at a mirror in which it sees its reflection as a tiger. I ask the students to interpret what they are seeing, experiencing and feeling as they look at the picture. Inevitably, the responses widely vary.

What can cause people to see the same thing yet see it so differently? The answer is perspective. We all view things through our own filters which have been defined over the course of our lifetimes. Our upbringing, culture, religion (or...

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Is 95% of Your Thinking Stopping You From Achieving the Results You Desire?

I recently read an article by Bruce Lipton called “Understanding the Conscious & Subconscious Mind”. In this interview he argues that we spend 95% of our lives in subconscious thought and only 5% consciously deciding what we should be doing.

The challenge as he describes it is that most of the “programs” in our subconscious mind were implanted in us before we were born through the age of 7. After that, we have to work a lot harder to program our subconscious minds. Once we have a skill that doesn’t require us to think about it, that frees us up to use our creativity for new tasks. After all, we wouldn’t want to have to wake up and figure out how to live our lives again each morning.

Wouldn’t you like to be free of the subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

If most of the thoughts we were programmed with in our lives occurred before the age of 7 (or through traumatic experiences), when we weren’t consciously...

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